Thursday, January 31, 2013

35 creepy images that will scare you stupid and haunt you in your nightmares

I must admit I am quite fascinated with some of these photos even though I am not sure as to which of them are real and are hoaxes. If you do not need to sleep anyway, I present to you these photos. Enjoy!
creepy scary weird wtf vintage photo image cannibal

not sure if she's a witch or a cannibal

Dammit Cloud! Aerith Could've Been Alive!

Oh no he didn't! Cloud just...SPOILER ALERT! (really?-_-)

killed Aerith.. well according to this awesome theory by Matthew, Sephiroth isn't the real suspect, he just paralyzed Aerith, maybe so that she can't assist Cloud during their fight, but this emo bastard Cloud quickly assumed she's dead and tried to be the good guy by giving her a "proper" burial by sending her underwater. Check out the full video game theory below.

Sephiroth: "What? I can't even... Why?"

Check out other cool gaming theories by Matthew.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 jaw dropping gundam artworks of sandrum from deviantart

I was browsing through deviantart to look for some cool digital paintings for my inspiration since, right now, I am trying to practice digital painting because it really is my biggest dream to become a concept artist when I saw this guy's page one day. Damn! This guy is really amazing. Drawing Gundams is really difficult I must say(I've tried that a lot before and even drawing the head is really difficult)! Sandrum, the artist's name in deviantart created all of these images using Lightwave3D and Photoshop most of the time and it's really awesome! It's like the authentic box art from the toys. Hope you'll get inspired!

aile strike destiny versus vs bucue sandrum deviant art fanart fan digital painting 3d

Aile Strike vs Bucue

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 random funny animated gifs

20 random animated gifs.

funny fail win epic dog animal photo animated gif image food eat neck protection collar

who's laughing now, bitches?!

20 random funny images

20 images to brighten your day and entertain you while slacking off from your job. :D

teen glam awkward family photo funny image