Thursday, May 2, 2013

Collection of Weird and Funny Face Swaps (26 images)

25 Funny "Classic" Rage Comics

Remember the time when rage comics has none of those vectorized pre-drawn faces like, yao ming's "bitch please", Obama's "not bad" etc.? Sure, at first, it's really hilarious but then, after a long time you'll find it repetitive and annoying unlike the classic rage comics where there's only a few of those things and it doesn't require a lot of reading with it and it's simple yet you find it funny. Here are some examples of classic rage comics, and tell me what you think, enjoy!

Bus Stop Rage

rage classic funny comics

12 Weird Japanese Commercials Starring Hollywood Celebrities

It's always been delightful seeing those crazy and out of this world Japanese commercials but, it's even better when they get Hollywood Celebrities as their endorsers. You know that feel when you see Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tommy Lee Jones doing those weird and crazy shit? It's almost surreal! Here are other Celebrities that you most probably haven't seen in a Japanese Commercial. Enjoy!

Lucy Liu