Thursday, February 5, 2015

Watch Miranda Soak A Toothbrush In Toilet Water And Brush Her Teeth With It

Watch this video from Youtube's nigahiga where they do stupid dares for the sake of entertainment from random comments from fans featuring another of my favorite Youtuber, Miranda. Warning, some of the scenes could be too disgusting for some people. Well, if you're not disgusted with someone using a toothbrush soaked in toilet water, you better get yourself checked.

Every 90's Commercial Ever!

Watch this new video from Youtube's RocketJump channel. The video is pretty accurate, bored kids? Check. Upbeat lifesaver mom? Check. Weird camera angles? Check. Famous sports personality with bad acting? Check. Kids turning into blob and become a mutant deformed humanoid with an uncontrollable hunger for human flesh? Check! Wait, what?

Watch, Be Amazed and Feel the Hype and Adrenaline for this New Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer!

I've waited for a long time for another announcement or news for Persona 5 and thank goodness, it's here. At first I wasn't so hyped for the new main character i thought he's just silent character with a dull personality but after seeing this trailer, I realized I was wrong. Watch this cool trailer and see for yourself: