Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take A Look At These New Roxas And Sora Figures

Play Arts Kai will release new Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix action figures featuring Roxas and Sora. These action figures will be released alongside when the game is released. The figures look quite decent but I'm still bothered with looking at those joints though. Either way, I might still be getting these figures as I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan specially Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2.

kingdom hearts 2.5 remix figure roxas sora

More Leaked Images For Super Smash Bros 3DS!

super smash bros character leak

super smash bros character leak

An upload by a user from shows more characters that aren't announced yet for the upcoming 3DS game. One of the Images shows Fierce Diety Link, a transformation of Link that resembles a powerful Hylian warrior when he wears the Fierce Deity's Mask in Majora's Mask.

Other noticeable addition to the roster is Fox's alternate palette that resembles Wolf and Olimar's alternate, Alph.

Bizarre, Cool And Interesting Gaming Facts (25 Images)

gaming facts

A Great Robin Williams Tribute Art From Miiverse!

robin williams nintendo tribute

satuniid, a user from miiverse, posted this amazing artwork of Robin Williams playing 3ds using Art Academy:SketchPad. Robin Williams is a known fan of some Nintendo games like Zelda, which is a name he also gave his daughter.

You Love Pinball And RPG? This Might Be The Game For You!

rollers of the realm pinball rpg

Rollers of the Realm, a new upcoming game for PC and cross-buy for PS4/PSVita, is a new innovative game created by Phantom Compass and published by ATLUS, is a pinball game with a twist, it's a pinball RPG game! Sounds crazy right? To some people it may sound bizarre but looking at the trailer, it looks like it could be fun and addicting.

Buy A Digital Copy Of Destiny For PS3 And Xbox 360 And Get Your PS4 And Xbox One Copy Free For A Limited Time Only!

destiny free digital upgrade release

So, you want to play Destiny for current gen consoles but you only have last gen consoles and you can't handle the hype and excitement? Don't worry, Bungie and Activision are giving away free next gen upgrade of the game for a limited time only if you buy last gen copy of the game. Take note though, this is only available for digital copies of the game and within family consoles only; Meaning, you can't buy a PS3 copy and get a free upgrade for Xbox One. To know more about the details of Destiny's digital upgrade, visit the official website.