Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Murasaki Baby, A Unique And Deeply Emotional Game, Coming To PSVita Europe On September 17!

release date murasaki baby ps vita game

gameplay murasaki baby ps vita game

Shipment For Dragon Quest X for 3DS Is On Momentary Halt

dragon quest x server overload

With the success of the massively multiplayer online RPG, Dragon Quest X for 3DS that's been released in Japan last week, it's no wonder that Square Enix encountered a multitude of server issues. This is due to players having a huge influx with many unable to log on to the game's cloud server during peak hours.

Watch Nintendo Treehouse Via Twitch On September 12! Could There Be A Surprise Announcement?

nintendo treehouse twitch

Recently, Nintendo Treehouse has announced via twitter that they'll be streaming 8 hours of gameplay on twitch this coming September 12.

Xbox One And 3DS, Fighting For The Top Spot In Japan!

xbox one first week success japan sales

Last time, I posted an image of how sad the Xbox One's release has been in Japan. Today, however, based on Japanese software and hardware charts, it has been a great week for Xbox One, beating the always consistent 3DS when it comes to sales in the top spot. Take note, however, that this list is only for this week and most of us hope, even if I'm not a fan and I don't own any Xbox console, that Xbox One might have a consistent good sales even if it won't always be on the top spot.

Watch Super Smash Bros 3DS Game Demo

With Japan having the game demo live on the Nintendo 3DS eShop today, some Youtubers were able to upload their own videos of how the game could be played today. Below are 2 videos uploaded by GameXplain via Youtube showing the different menus in the game and a battlefield and Link's final smash. Check out these videos:

Super Smash Bros 3DS will be released in Japan this month, September 13th, North America and Europe on October 3 and Australia on October 4. There is currently no news yet for demos outside Japanese eShop but I'll give an update if Nintendo announce an exact date.