Saturday, February 2, 2013

Giovanna Plowman the tampon eater, has issues with bestiality, has a poop eater for a boyfriend and now suicide?!

Meet Giovanna Plowman(hihi. PLOWman.) another teenage girl who obviously is desperate to gain fame. I was watching cat videos one day(dammit! I was only supposed to watch those damn cats!), until I really don't know what happened and accidentally watched this nightmare and I can't unsee it anymore! The video started with her talking on the camera and to my surprise, she pulled out a bloody tampon and then put it inside her mouth! I don't know what the hell is inside her mind but she obviously is grossed out on what she is doing! Damn! I can't even imagine the stench of that bloody tampon. Are kids today really that desperate to be famous? I mean, just take a look at her twitter account, Anyway, here's the video (Warning: this is really gross!):