Monday, September 8, 2014

Play Final Fantasy XIII And More To Mobile Devices Using Square Enix Dive In!

dive in play final fantasy cloud streaming

Batman: Arkham Knight Now Has A New Release Date!

batman arkham knight release date

New Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Available

club nintendo september 2014

Are you a registered member of Club Nintendo? If you aren't yet, don't let those club nintendo points go to waste and register you games to earn free games and other rewards. This month, Club Nintendo is offering the following games:

•Mario Bros (Wii U) 200 Coins
•Super Punch Out!! (Wii) 200 Coins
•NES Play Action Football (Wii) 200 Coins
•Super Mario Bros (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Coins
•The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Coins
•Touch Solitaire (Nintendo 3DS) 150 Coins
•Pictobits (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Coins
•Kirby Super Star (Wii U) 200 Coins

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition For North America, Unveiled

monster hunter ultimate collector's edition

Hyped for the upcoming new installment for Monster Hunter? Well, who's not? Let me get you more excited. Capcom has posted in their blog the details for the new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition which will include the following:

Collection Of Strange And Unexplained Photos

A new subreddit has emerged in reddit and it's growing pretty fast. It's not a surprise since looking at these collection of photos will surely make a lot of people curious and confused with the validity of these images. Surely, the way you view reality will change and like what some people say, truth might actually be stranger than fiction. Check out these collection of photos I've seen from r/UnexplainedPhotos!

strange bizarre unexplained ufo ghost paranormal photos
Iapetus, a mysterious moon of Saturn. One hemisphere is white, the other black. Furthermore, a massive 13km-high ridge circles the moon's equator. How the ridge formed, and why the moon is half-white half-black is not understood.