Monday, September 1, 2014

Funny And Awkward Photos From Facebook And More

cringe pictures facecbook fail

Save up to 60% on select Capcom titles

nintendo capcom sale

In case you may not know yet, Capcom is having a big sale on select nintendo eshop titles for a limited time only.

This Will Be The Future Of Dating Sims!

This is it guys! The future of virtual dating simulator is here! Summer Lesson is an upcoming tech demo for Sony PS4's virtual headset, Project Morpheus. Check out these amazing gifs and see for yourself.

sony vr project morpheus school girl summer lesson

A New Last Story Could Be Possible But It's Up To Nintendo

last story art

Garage, A New Team Of Developers Led By Shigeru Miyamoto

shigeru miyamoto

Want To Know What's New And Upcoming For Playstation In Japan? Watch it Here!

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Is Now Official!

resident evil revelations 2

Persona 5 Now Has A Release Date In Japan

persona 5 trailer release date