Sunday, February 3, 2013

All the stupid overpriced crap you want available in Sky Mall!

Seriously, who would buy a life size sculpture of Anubis for $900?

Top 5 awesome video game super powers you wish to have

Everyone, I'm sure, want superpowers especially if it is as awesome as videogame super powers, where you can touch almost anything without harming yourself or electrecute enemies or even undo time literally! Here's our list of top 5 videogame superpowers in random order:

5. Sands of time: Prince of Persia

Elders react to dubstep

I've been listening to dubstep for quite a long time now and I admit I really love dubstep! I'm not trying to be cool or anything I just really love the beat and sometimes it makes me feel like it's giving me an adrenaline rush, and it also makes almost anything to look kinda badass, but what do you think will be the reaction of old people when they hear Skrillex?