Saturday, February 2, 2013

Giovanna Plowman the tampon eater, has issues with bestiality, has a poop eater for a boyfriend and now suicide?!

Meet Giovanna Plowman(hihi. PLOWman.) another teenage girl who obviously is desperate to gain fame. I was watching cat videos one day(dammit! I was only supposed to watch those damn cats!), until I really don't know what happened and accidentally watched this nightmare and I can't unsee it anymore! The video started with her talking on the camera and to my surprise, she pulled out a bloody tampon and then put it inside her mouth! I don't know what the hell is inside her mind but she obviously is grossed out on what she is doing! Damn! I can't even imagine the stench of that bloody tampon. Are kids today really that desperate to be famous? I mean, just take a look at her twitter account, Anyway, here's the video (Warning: this is really gross!):

Giovanna even had a fight with another sick internet sensation, Alyssa Rosales who posted a video of her making love with her dog (I will not post a video or link here because it's too much. find her in google if you like) which makes Giovanna's stunt look okay. Giovanna stated on her facebook account:

"Who is this bitch who got fucked by a dog and sucked its dick? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as fuck and thats animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took shit to a whole new level!"

It does not end there. Alyssa replied on her twitter:

"@ItsGiovannaP you sucked your own tampon? i took it to a whole new level. why are you mad? cuase i'll get more famous then you?" stated Alyssa, which was followed by, "This tampon girl is really mad cause i'm becoming famous and her 15 min of famous is don. #FatGirl"

What is wrong with these people? How can they be proud of being famous in that way?

Both of them are pretty messed up but would you believe that Giovanna Plowman is actually married to a guy named Dino Bruscia on her facebook? It's actually really funny because Dino actually twitted this after he saw the video:

@dinobruscia0420: "Still trying to overcome the fact a b---h who sends all her nude parts eats a tampon with blood out famed me in 1 day."

But actually, the 2 of them would make a very great couple because Dino Bruscia actually has a video of his own where he ate his own poop. Dino is also very proud of it:

"Yeah im the one who ate his own poop with ice cream and sprinkles. Shut up lol. It was hella good!!!" Twitter user account @dinobruscia0420 posted.

Right now there's a news spreading that Giovanna committed suicide allegedly because Giovanna can't handle the bullying anymore. Right now it is not verified if it's true but her mom twitted on her twitter account saying:

"Hello this is Giovanna mom. I'm very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I'm extremely upset with all the hate.." stated the tweet which was followed by, ".. she got. Yes I wasn't happen she eat a f*cking tampon but guess what? It was her like not your life. If you think what she did wrong you."

"Its funny how you guys don't like bullying but you were bullying my daughter. You guys are some real fake people. #ridiculous," continued Plowman's mom on the account.

Here is the link for the full article:

it's still not confirmed if giovanna is really dead but someone made a facebook page for her death

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