Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top 5 awesome video game super powers you wish to have

Everyone, I'm sure, want superpowers especially if it is as awesome as videogame super powers, where you can touch almost anything without harming yourself or electrecute enemies or even undo time literally! Here's our list of top 5 videogame superpowers in random order:

5. Sands of time: Prince of Persia

Why: you can do almost anything you want provided it wont kill you in an instant, and just rewind the time! Now you can smack every fat politicians or anyone in Square Enix instead of whining about why ff vs xiii isn't released yet! You may also take advantage of this skill to kiss all the girls you like(Just a kiss a-hole! I know what you're thinking! lol) over and over again without their knowledge!

Why not: you need to constantly refill the sand tank.

4. Electricity: Cole - Infamous

cole infamous power electricity gaming game videogame

Why: you never have to pay for electric bills again, and you can even create a tornado so you'll have an excuse not to go to work if you don't want to, and of course! A simple reason is that, electric superpowers always kicks ass!

Why not: You are not allowed to take a bath. Imagine how lame could that be, you'll definitely look cool but you smell like an overused rotten sock.

3. Devour: Final Fantasy 8

final fantasy 8 viii devour skill videogame rpg game

Why: it could help you gain additional abilities for yourself, like devouring Goku, Superman, Sephiroth or even Chuck Norris! Sweet! You can totally kick anyone's beehiinnd without effort!

Why not: There obviously is something wrong with you. Cannibalism is a sick act! Also, why would you mess with someone like Chuck Norris? Messing with Chuck Norris will get you into too much trouble! Even the most stupid people are aware that Chuck Norris is invincible, moron!

2. Star: Super Mario Bros.

super mario nintendo star videogame gaming game

Why:Can't touch this!

Why not: Can't touch this!

1. Mass Teleport: Archmage - Warcraft 3

warcraft 3 archmage hero gaming videogame game

Why: Imagine not having to wake up at 4 in the morning just to beat the traffic. You can never be late again, and you can go anywhere you want anytime! Plus, you can bring friends too!

Why not: you need to have a friendly unit in the place you wanted to go, so if your friends are procrastinators like you are, you're in trouble and too bad for you, no traveling to Andromeda just yet.

Do you know more videogame super powers you'd like to suggest? feel free to post a comment!